Are you bold enough to learn the Basque language?

The Basque language, spoken by approximately 850,000 people on both sides of the western end of the Pyrenees, is one of the greatest treasures that the Basque people can transmit to humanity.

This language, unrelated to the other known languages of the continent, is considered to be the oldest language in Europe; but its greatest mystery is not its origin, but its survival and strength to the present day.

Bergara is a Basque town (Basque speaking town), where 69% of the population speaks it and 13% of the population understands it, so you can appreciate its vitality in all areas of society, economy, administration, culture and sport.

The whole population of Bergara is working to maintain and strengthen our language.

What about you? Are you bold enough?

Here's a short basic vocabulary.

You can easily learn a few words to use these days in Bergara: kaixo (hi), agur (bye), eskerrik asko (thank you)…

The Basque language and its speakers will thank you!