Pastelería LARRAÑAGA. San Pedro kalea, 9. Phone: +34 943 761 051.

In 1840, this site was occupied by a cake shop called “GOTXOTEGIA” under the management of Felix Aranzadi and Valentina Unamuno, who made sponges called “Bergarako errellenoak” [The fillings of Bergara]. - From 1870 to 1905, Doroteo Unzurrunzaga Egia ran the business and the shop. - In 1905, the business was sold to the family of Manuel LARRAÑAGA and the fourth generation of the family is now running it. After some time as a chandlery and then a cafeteria, it is now a cake shop. - The anthropologist Telesforo Aranzadi was born in this house on 4 January 1860.